What are Cisco Learning Credits (CLC)?

The CLC program ensures that customers receive the highest quality of training through Cisco Learning Solutions Partners.

  • Cisco Learning Credits are an easy payment method for Cisco authorized training.
  • They enable you to increase your productivity and safeguard your training budget by addressing your training needs at the time of the product.
  • CLC program ensure that customers receive the highest quality of training, and increasing revenue to partners.

Who are Cisco Learning Solutions Partners?

  •  Are the only authorized commercial sources for Cisco training.
  • Cisco Learning Solutions Partners are uniquely qualified to deliver and customize market-leading Cisco training.
  • Their instructors must pass rigorous exams to become certified Cisco instructors.

What are the benefits of the Cisco Learning Credits?  

  •  The Cisco Learning Credits helps your company to include training programs when you order through the Cisco platform. In this way your business will acquire in time and form to improve their skills.
  •  You will be able to define your networking and training needs while you buy high quality training programs in a Cisco Authorized Learning Partner.

How to Redeem CLC?

  • CLC can be redeemed for high-quality, authorized training from a Cisco Learning Partner.
  •  Each Cisco Learning Credit is worth USD $100 and it is sold in packages of 10, 100, 500, and 1500.
  • They can be added to any Cisco hardware, software, or solution purchase and redeemed within one year from activation on the Cisco Learning Credits Management Tool (LCMT).
For more information visit : www.cisco.com/go/learningcredits