Is your business ready?

More than 50 billion things and 4 billion people will be connected by year 2020.

In this comprehensive, live workshop training, you will develop the skills to successfully close new business opportunities in IoT in the most relevant and key vertical markets.

  • Prepare your organization to succeed in the biggest wave hitting the technological Industry!
  • Immediate Pipeline growth: Develop Real opportunity profiles in Two Day Instructor led Professional Workshop.
  • Deep understanding of latest IoT technologies and standards.
  • Identify which vertical markets offer new IoT sales opportunities, the key market and potential customers for IoT solutions.
  • Develop engagement tactics with the IoT Business, an Executive IoT Business Conversation, and highly value propositions.
  • Learn how to develop a business case showing the value to your customer in IoT
  • Name tangible next step events that will help “Finalize” and motivate a customer to begin leveraging IoT
  • E-learning Courses
    Maximize your training budget by leveraging our proven online training models that provide tailored, leading-edge instruction for all of your stakeholders.
  • Sales Effectiveness in IoT Cycle
    Learn how to Scope an IoT solution with key products and prepare an effective proposal. Our training paths will help you prepare for new business opportunities, portfolio expansion and effective sales growth.

Who should attend?

  • All business partners involved the in an IoT sales process
  • Sales, Marketing, and Systems Engineering resources who want to shorten their learning
  • Curve and increase productivity by understanding the latest IoT messages and initiatives
  • Experienced professionals who want to increase their productivity by applying new tactical
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English, Spanish, Portuguese
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