Who should attend?

All business partners involved in the sales process

Sales, Marketing and Systems Engineering resources who want to shorten their learning curve and increase productivity by understanding customer IB better.
Experienced professionals who want to increase their productivity by applying Network Assessment tactically and strategically.


  • Review the Smart Advisor overview at www.cisco.com
  • Complete the network assessment website tour
  • Bring account in formation for Sales Opportunities to be used through out the program

Learning Objectives:

  • As a sales related person you will learn how proposals based on actual data drive greater demand for product refresh and services pull through.
  • You will learn how Cisco Smart Advisor uses customer network discovery data to analyze the network’s health, end-of-life (EOL) state, as well as operational efficiency, video and IPv6 readiness, security vulnerabilities, and other important information.
  • Understand Lifecycle and Alert Service report: Includes end of sale, last day of support, potential migration path, security (PSIRT) and Field Notice reports.
  • Understand Service Coverage report: Discovers all devices on the network, opening up opportunities to renew expired service contracts for eligible Cisco hardware and software.
  • Understand Capability Assessment reports: Includes Cloud Intelligent Network,IPv6 Profile, Medianet Profile; Cisco EnergyWise™ Profile, and Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series migration recommendation.
  • Understand Multivendor Device Inventory: Delivers a summary of devices that are not Cisco running on the customer’s network, providing potential sales opportunities.
  • Understand Network Assessment Profile: Provides a customized, ready-to-use Executive Summary Microsoft PowerPoint presentation of findings.
  • Understand Cost optimization service: Identifies opportunities for cost optimization in the areas of installed base, architecture, and operational practices.
  • Understand Opportunity notification: Alerts you to new product refresh or service renewal opportunities resulting from service coverage expirations.
  • Customized two day workshop including hands on training of how to conduct Network Assessment
  • AttendeeswillworkononeoftheirrealCustomersthroughouttheworkshop
  • Interactive instructor led program that gives the sales,marketing,or systems engineer participant skills that increase their effectiveness.

Check the  Discovering Customer IB Potential to learn more.

Cisco Partners can use Cisco Learning Credits to pay for this training. More details:  CLCP